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The Major Varieties of the Custom Banners

Previously, the old marketing techniques were used by many companies and business people to market their goods and services. The main traditional marketing methods includes; magazines, newspapers, marketers, banners, brochures and TV and radio adverts. A lot of traditional marketing techniques were capital-intensive though ineffective. Today, the modern marketing methods are used. The following are the main modern marketing methods; PPC, SEO, referral, affiliate and referral marketing. Since these marketing methods are online, they are cheap and more effective. Some companies and business people still use some old traditional methods. A good example is the banners. A piece of fabric containing logos, messages, and images on a company, product or services is called a banner. Custom banners are banners with special measurements, color, patterns, and materials. Below are the major types of custom banners.

The first example is the custom banner flags. This is an attractive, light and portable banner which resembles a flag. These type of custom banners are appropriate for outdoor marketing and passing of small messages. A pole and a base are used in the supporting of the custom banner flags. Since the custom banner flags are used in outdoor marketing, they are also referred to as outdoor banner flags.

The pop-up retractable banner is another type of the custom banner. This is a type of a banner which can be pulled from the base and rolled back. This reduces the size of the banner and improves portability. For easy carrying, the pop-up retractable banner mostly have bags. The pop-up retractable banner is favorable for both indoor and outdoor marketing.

The third type of a custom banner is the custom shade tent. The custom shade tent is constructed using a tent and some poles. The custom shade tents are used in marketing events and shows. The tent is supported by strong materials such as aluminum or steel for stability and strength.

The repeat banners are the next type of custom banners. The attractive images, logos, lighting, and messages make the repeat banners perfect for photo shooting. Since the repeat banners are strongly supported, they can be used for both outdoor and indoor advertising. These banners are professional, classy and attractive.

The fifth type of custom banner is the outdoor vinyl banner. This is a huge banner made of vinyl material. The banners are placed on top of buildings or supported by tall posts so that the message is clear and seen by many. The banners are durable and aren’t affected by the weather conditions.

The next variety of custom banner is the trade show banner.

These are the major types of custom banners and their features.

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