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5 Tips on How to Get Over a Cold Fast

To date, scientists have not yet invented a cure for a cold. Most people do not like hearing about the term common cold. There are over 200 viruses that are known to cause cold. You should not worry anymore since there are tips on how to overcome this menace. The following are some of the best tips to help you fight off the common cold.

The primary tip is taking plenty of water. Ensure that your body is hydrated whenever you are having a cold. It is useful in breaking down the congestion. Taking plenty of water is useful in improving our immune system. Taking coffee when you have a cold is not useful since it is known to be a diuretic. They thus make the body to pass more water than usual. You should therefore not take these drinks when you want to stay hydrated. The medics recommend taking non-caffeinated tea, plenty of water and small quantities of juices.

A rest is vital when having a cold. Numerous people force themselves to work even when they are suffering from cold. When you have a cold, you will probably not perform your duties correctly. A sick body is a sleepy body; thus, you will have the urge to sleep more. You can give your body a rest by seeking for sick leave. Your recovery will take a lot of time if you force yourself to work.

Also, it is important to keep warm. In most cases, the cold is gotten due to exposure to cold weather; therefore, ensure your body is kept warm. Wear warm clothes and hide under the blanket to ensure warmth on your body. It is important to consider taking hot cup of tea or soup to guarantee your body warmth. It is proven that the hot bowl of soup relieves a sore throat as well as the scratchy coughs. Apart from chicken soup being sweet, it will also keep our body warm.

Another option is to use medicine. However, it is not advisable to use too much medicine to surpass the cold. The main reason why we should not treat cold with drugs is because the cold will be gone after a few days. Nobody likes the symptoms of cold, therefore, it is important to eliminate them. Some pills such as ibuprofen will surely help you overcome the cold symptoms. These pills do not necessarily eliminate the body pain but normalize the body temperature.

Finally, another tip to consider is gargling salt water. Taking salty water is vital since it reduces the pain produced by the aching throat. The gargling of salty water can also reduce the rawness as well as the swelling on the throat. The salty water can be prepared by combining 1/2 teaspoon of salt and a cup of warm water. The water is not a cure but a symptom reliever.